Developing Intuition through the Tarot

Speaker/Teacher:  Jennifer Halls
Date:  Monday April 12, 2011
City:  Laguna Beach
Event Times:  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Phone:  703-505-5152
Cost:  $Explanation of Cost is in the Body of event
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Join an intimate group of 8 woman, from 6:55- 8:30 pm (we will begin at 7 p.m. sharp)

This on-going experiential study group focuses on developing your intuition, while gaining a deep personal understanding of the Tarot: being in this class guarantees you a space in the next one. Each time we meet we will focus on one or two cards, their symbols and the different ways they help access your inner knowing. We will enter this enjoyable realm through conversation, guided meditation, ritual, play, subtle energy and more.

This class is on the tarot, but learning to read them is a side effect that just seems to happen. What I have found while facilitating this class in other areas is that people access the energy and information that’s needed for their current life situation. Giving them a different perspective, so they can ask different questions…hence…different solutions. We choose one card to focus on each class and some truly amazing things have happened for people. So don’t let the unfortunate fortune-telling reputation of the tarot stand in your way, that’s the very least of what is interesting about it.

Learn to:
-decipher symbols - your own, others and that of the tarot.
-become more fluent in your personal dream language.
-access a level of consciousness beyond intellectual understanding.
-invite perspective, insight and clarity into any situation.
-recognize and handle intuitive blocks.
-feel the sacred (spirit) more tangibly while having Fun!

This unconventional approach benefits the beginner and the seasoned practitioner; one all day Tarot class or on individual session on the tarot with Jennifer is recommended but not necessary.

What to Bring: A deck of Tarot cards; a notebook or journal; a pen & a beverage.
Classes are limited to 8 participants; please call Susan Hough at 703-505-5152 or e-mail Before you register, to make sure there's still space.

How do you choose a Tarot deck?
There are hundreds available, so buy a deck with images that attract you (make sure it is a tarot deck). The best decks have a descriptive picture on every card. New Age bookstores, with the widest selection, can help. The web is an excellent resource to find a tarot deck. One resource is

Time: 6:45– 8:30pm (We Will Be Starting at 7 P.M. sharp)

Where: Loudoun Street, Leesburg Virginia -- directions will be given with registration

DATES: Monday Evenings– November 10, and December 1.

COST: there is a reduced price for taking more than one class. Regardless, whether it's just Monday Night Tarot or both, M.N.T. and Tuesday’s Tune-In.

For all eight classes: $225

For any 7 classes: $210

For any 6 classes: $186

For any 5 classes: $160

For any 4 classes: $132

For any 3 classes: $102

For any 2 classes: $70

For any 1 class: $36

Policies: We are unable to give refunds for classes you are unable to attend. You can send someone in your place or with 48 hours notice (so that we have time to fill your space) we can put you in another class if space is available.

Registration: Classes are limited to 8 participants; please call Susan Hough at 703-505-5152 or e-mail Before you register, to make sure there's still space.

Please send a check made out to Jennifer Halls to:

Susan Hough, PO Box 542, Leesburg, VA 20178

Indicate which classes and what dates you would like to attend. Your check reserves your space. Include your email address and phone number, you will receive verification that your space is secured.

Facilitated by: Rev. Jennifer Halls has been a practicing intuitive and a student of the Tarot since 1986. She is known for using fresh, fun and engaging approaches to help others develop their intuitive muscles. She has helped thousands of people discover how to bring more of their hearts and minds to work and life. 0rdained by Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, she devotes herself full time to helping clients, ranging from individuals to corporations, develop and rely on their intuition. A lifelong artist, she believes the creative process is a door that opens us up to embrace a larger part of ourselves, our spirit.

Directions will be given with registration.

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