About the Mid Atlantic Center for Healing

The Mid-Atlantic Council of Healers is a diverse group of professionals who are trained in helping people in their healing process. As healers, we have each made a conscious choice to be a healing influence in our world. Most of us do not think of ourselves as healers in the dramatic "laying on of hands/miracle working" sense, although some of us do hands on healing and have helped people in remarkable recoveries. We would not lay claim to being the sole healer for any individual and our work is broader than just physical healing. We see ourselves most importantly as skilled support and catalytic guidance to assist individuals in their healing process. We help people move into their own greater maturity, deepen their own spiritual awareness and take more responsibility for their own healing. We have a broad range of trainings to assist people in their healing and help them advance in their personal and professional growth. We also have several mentoring programs for people who are interested in developing or deepening their own healing abilities.

Meet our Healers and Teachers

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