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Jennifer Halls has been a practicing intuitive since 1986. She serves individual and business clients as an Intuitive consultant and coach and is known for using fresh, fun and engaging approaches to help them develop intuitive muscles.

“Intuition is inate to being human; it can’t be taught. It can be discovered. Everyone is unique and has a different intuitive system. I help people become aware of how they’re using it now and how to explore its potential. It’s like realizing you're using a typewriter when you have Windows XP.”

Jennifer has worked with authors, attorneys, bank executives, psychotherapists and business owners. She has coached executives from Novell, ATT, AOL and Northrop Grumman.
An assistant comptroller from Northrop Grumman says this about working with Jennifer: “I have come to realize that leaving out my intuition in making decisions is like ignoring a star member of my team. The biggest surprise for me is how easy it is to learn to use this powerful tool.”

Jennifer has done presentations for clients ranging from Hospice and Community Care to a 12-state tax conference. The majority of her work is teleconferenced from her home in South Carolina for clients throughout the country. She travels once a month to her office in Leesburg, Va., and occasionally teaches in New York, Boston and Cincinnati. She has helped thousands of people bring more of their hearts and spirits to work and life.

Her approach is down-to-earth, practical, playful and direct. It integrates her background in art, business, travel, indigenous studies, energy and spirituality. She often uses creativity in her work to reveal aspects of the self that cannot be obtained through cognitive approaches.

“I encourage everyone to play. Whether it’s cooking, golf or pottery, an enjoyable creative activity opens the door for intuitive knowing to be there when we need it.”

How I got here:

Ever since I was a child I believed in ‘something more’, something bigger than myself that was around to help. As a kid I would just know things – that someone had died or that the cat was hurt, or what family members wanted or needed without them saying a word. I thought this was normal, until I got older. In 1984, I was fortunate to have teachers come into my life that let me know I was gifted, not crazy.

Art has been a lifelong influence, and it kept the door open to my intuition as I got older. When very young, I would get lost for hours drawing or looking at paintings in a museum. I was good at art. It earned me praise, paid for college and sent me across Europe on scholarship. It also led to a 10-year career in museum and gallery work.

Though museum work was enjoyable, it wasn’t quite right. I found that the intuitive work I’d been doing as a hobby for 13 years was really what I loved. I became a full time intuitive consultant and coach in 1997.


Since 1983, I’ve studied art, energy, and spirituality in Mexico, India, Europe, and the United States. I’ve read countless books and worked extensively with many gifted teachers. Among them: the Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, a renowned author, researcher and practitioner in energy medicine. I was ordained though her school in 1998.

As a reverend I am more concerned with bringing more spirit into life, work and home, rather than in the philosophies and practices of organized religion.
Through my association with Bruyere, I was privileged to have studied some of the practices of Bon-Po, the indigenous religion of Tibet. My teachers included His Holiness the Gyalwa Menriwa, the leader of the Bon. I was honored to visit the Menri Monastery, in India as his guest in 2000.

I am now learning the ways of the Dagara, an indigenous tribe in Burkina Faso, West Africa with friend and mentor Sobonfu Somé, a respected speaker, teacher and author. After studying and assisting Somé for 4 years, I participated in a Dagara initiation in 2004.

The wisdom of these diverse philosophies is like a rich stew that is constantly drawn from in my consulting practice. I love what I do.


In Leesburg, Virginia:
For a private consultation or program information, contact Susan Hough at the Mid-Atlantic Center for Healing, at (703) 505-5152. You can email Susan at or visit the web site at

In New York, New York
For program information, contact Joanne Brunn, at (203) 698-2671
or you can email Joanne at JBRUNN@OPTONLINE.NET

In Cincinnati, Ohio
For program information, contact Jean Hollister, at (513) 471-3201
or you can email Jean at

To make an appointment for Intuitive Coaching by phone:
Please call Jennifer Halls at (803)370-1036, be sure to leave your name, telephone number and the best time to reach you.

What professionals are saying...

" …A significant part of my work involves written analysis of complex information. Jennifer's sessions have honed my analytic insights…reaching analytic conclusions more quickly and with greater clarity and accuracy. The improvement in the facility and quality of this work has been tremendous. ….The results show! My presentations are much more effective, the groups I teach seem more receptive and enthusiastic, and my classes typically receive rave reviews. The wisdom and gentle guidance Jennifer imparts in her sessions have proven to be invaluable in every aspect of my life and work."
K. M. , Senior Behavioral Intelligence Expert, Asheville, NC

“Working with Jennifer has given me a greater ability to access my intuition. Paying attention to what I truly feel helps me make better informed decisions. I have come to realize that leaving out my intuition in making decisions is like ignoring a star member of my team. The biggest surprise for me is how easy it is to learn to use this powerful tool.”
A.K., Assistant Comptroller, Chevy Chase, MD

“Jennifer is fantastic! She has taught me and continues to teach me ways to access my own intuition ...She's the "Mary Poppins" of Intuitive Coaches....she's magical, but she makes you work to learn it for yourself.”
T. H. , Attorney, Falls Church, VA

“My work with Jennifer over the last eight years has been some of the most fruitful exploration I have pursued. She balances her creativity and intuition with a common sense directness that makes spirituality practical and useful. She has helped me and countless others to rediscover ourselves as intuitives and artists. Because of our work together, I am more creative in my work as a psychotherapist and throughout my life. I am grateful to have found her.”
K. K., Psychotherapist, Ashburn, VA

“…Jennifer has a fresh, no-nonsense way of helping people achieve a level of balance and hope. She has helped me learn tools that I continue to use after our session. Jennifer is one of the most gifted and powerful coaches I know and I feel truly honored to work with her.
V. L. , Executive Director, Cincinnati, OH

“Jennifer’s classes and individual sessions have given me confidence in my own intuition… and renewed focus of my energies as I reach life's crossroads.”
B. C. , Attorney / Author, Columbia, SC

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